Culinary Schools In The USA

culinary school chefsThanks to high profile TV shows on the Food Network, and the celebrity status of chefs who in some cases are as popular as Hollywood stars, the appreciation for all things cooking and culinary is at an all time high.

Accordingly, never have so many people looking for the perfect culinary school in their local area as a way to indulge their own desire to tap into this exploding interest in fine food.

Who doesn’t want to become the next Rachael Ray, Jamie Oliver, Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay or Giada De Laurentiis?

It’s hard, after all, to not enjoy cooking, even if you only have basic knowledge of the process. After all, eating is a hugely social event. Most likely, some of your most treasured memories center around a family meal of some sort.

As a chef, you not only get to orchestrate these memories, you get to be part of them too! Meals are festive and enjoyable, and by creating great ones, you become part of people’s treasured memories!

What could be better than that?

Of course, even after you have attended the appropriate culinary school, you won’t start off by working as a head chef. Instead, you’ll probably work as a line chef, as part of a team that keeps large, efficient kitchens running quickly and smoothly.

In short, you’ll will ascend the ladder of success as you learn and gain experience. This can happen even quicker should be lucky enough to tutor under the guidance of an incredible chef.

Of course, none of this can happen without a solid base of education obtained by attending the right culinary school. Available programs vary greatly – from simple certificate programs to two year associate programs, to full fledged bachelor’s degrees. As an example, at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, an associate degree in culinary arts takes 84 weeks.

Shorter programs (certificate programs) may last a year or less, but are generally specialized programs – focused on a particular niche, like baking or pastry for example. The longer programs provide a complete overview of the culinary arts, which is useful for two reasons…

  1. A solid foundation in the fundamentals of cooking means you will be able to work anywhere in the kitchen.
  2. This general program may “introduce” you to a field of cooking you want specialize in (i.e., Oriental, French, or Italian cooking, or perhaps pastry or grilling? The options are endless!)

Most culinary schools include intensive “hands on” training, which is critical for the preparation of delicious meals. Many schools also feature an “open to the public” kitchen, and you will be expected to work as a team, under the guidance of a head chef, to deliver tasty meals to your patrons.

If you’re ready to select a culinary school in your local area, just enter your ZIP code into the form below to search our constantly updating database of accredited institutions. Then, select from the presented options to learn more about your school of choice!

Good luck!